Why is writing a Will a MUST for all parents?

Wednesday 19th December 2018

Why is writing a Will a MUST for all parents?

Most people know how vital it is to have a well drafted Will written when you have children to ensure your estate is distributed in line with your wishes when you pass away.

According to Which at least half of Brits do not have a Will, with over a third of those having children under the age of 18. This means that 35% of those without a Will have no legal say in who would look after their children if they passed away.

The importance of having a Will as a parent

Although it can seem unerving to consider what will happen when we are no longer around, having a valid Will in place is an absolute must for all parents.

This will give you peace of mind with regards to what your children will receive when you die. A Will will not only distribute your possessions and money, but also appoint guardians to look after your children as they grow up.

Legally, a surviving parent has the right to custody of a child if the other parent dies. However, if both parents die, you can appoint legal guardians to care for your children.

Potential implications of dying without a Will

If you die without a Will, your estate and decisions on the care of your children are taken into the hands of the law.

This means that you have no guarantee that the estate you leave behind will be distributed in accordance to your wishes and your child could end up in foster care while the Courts decide on a suitable guardian.

Even if your estate is small and you have very little to leave in a Will, ensuring you have chosen guardians is vital. It is clear to see that as a parent, the most important thing you can do for your child is to ensure they are cared for by the people you would choose if anything were to happen to you.

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